Blackbird Pie is owned and operated by the Hogue Family.

 Why pie?

 As our family drifted apart and we found ourselves in different parts of the world, we decided it was time to build something together as a family. Something that would bind us together and create a beautiful future. We decided to expand upon the one thing we could always agree on, Mom’s cooking! Not just any cooking, but her homemade pie!

 Pie is a corner stone of our childhood memories. Waking up, early in the morning, to open windows, dim lights and the night breeze filling the house with cinnamon and warm apples. We knew there would be pie for breakfast, for lunch and probably for dinner the following day! Mom’s signature pie was a staple in our home, yet was far too good to ever be taken for granted. Throughout the years, Mom’s cooking has provided her family with much needed comfort through the hard times and celebration of the good times.

 We now wish to share all of this with you. Through each bite of our homemade pie, you will understand the love she has for her family; through her dedication to flavor that she has perfected in the thick, perfectly flaked crust and the warm, tender filling. We hope these pies provide you with the same sense of home and love that they do for us!